Who we are and what we do Since the company was founded in 2014, we specialize in the production of professional video for online trading. We, that is company founder Henryk Boeck and various specialists from the fields of video production, video marketing, video SEO video, journalism, video hosting and e-commerce. We are also working together with numerous partners to successfully implement the closing of dissemination of search engine optimized clips. This makes us a competent partner for all questions around the topic of video marketing. Products can be conveniently sent by mail, we do the rest. We rely on the video production through post-production with corresponding graphics and speakers to complex animations to each project. We also advise you about hosting and integration into your shop or the right strategy for video marketing. We are more than just a pure video production! In addition to production and postproduction, we take over the entire conceptual design, create strategies for video marketing and care about search engine optimization, hosting or the distribution of videos. We are a full service video agency and that fact satisfies especially our customers:

our team

founder, camera & postproduktion
Henryk Boeck
Since 2009, owner Henryk Boeck dealt with the subject Video Marketing . During his studies of media and communication science , he took over the construction of the video editors from successful portals such as Ab- in – den – Urlaub or . He also worked for several years in the field of PR in online trading.
accounting & project coordination
Karin Wien
Karin Wien is experienced in project management, project planning, organization , calculation and billing .
pr & social media strategy
Sarah Boeck
Upon successful completion of the journalism studies Sarah Boeck gained experience in the PR departments of renowned companies and now is in charge of PR , Content & Social Media Strategy at .